The Tourbillon Watch Movement of 2022

The tourbillon watch movement is a crowning achievement of the mechanical watchmaking industry, developed in the late 1700s to reduce errors caused by gravity on precision timepieces. Today, tourbillon watches are still used in high-end watches that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But, while they're no longer necessary to make precise timepieces, they're now more of a statement piece than anything else.

Tourbillon Watch Movement 

What is a Tourbillon

A tourbillon is a watch movement that improves the accuracy of a watch by placing the escapement in a rotating cage. This counteracts the effects of gravity when the clock is stationary and averages out errors when the eye is moving. In 2022, the tourbillon watch movement will be even better, with more accuracy and new features. Here are some of the best tourbillon watch movements to look out for in the coming year. The Blancpain Villeret Grande Complication 3800 is one of the most sophisticated timepieces ever created. It contains a tourbillon and three separate power reserves: manual winding, barrel winder, and constant force device, which guarantees about 300 hours of autonomy from just one winding.


The Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre Spherotourbillon GMT is one of the most complicated tourbillons available. Not only does it contain a tourbillon, but it also has an instantaneous second-time zone indicator, as well as a 24-hour rotatable ring on its face. Finally, there's the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Co-Axial Master Chronometer Limited Edition Apollo 11 45th Anniversary commemorative edition.


What Does a Tourbillon Do?

A tourbillon is a device that improves the accuracy of a watch by counteracting the effects of gravity. The tourbillon was invented in 1795 by Abraham-Louis Breguet, and it is still used in some high-end watches today. The tourbillon consists of a rotating cage that contains the watch's escapement and balance wheel. The cage rotates once per minute, compensating for the effects of gravity on the watch's accuracy. It also allows the watchmaker to position all the components so they can be assembled in a very narrow space - as thin as 5mm or less.


As timepieces have become increasingly thin, there has also been an increasing demand for thinner tourbillons. A tourbillon ranges from about $25,000 to more than $200,000, depending on the complexity and materials used.

Tourbillon Watch Movement 

Tourbillons Today

In 2022, the tourbillon watch movement is still going strong. Many watchmakers consider it the best type of movement available, and it's one of the most popular. There are a few different types of tourbillons, but the most common is the Swiss tourbillon. These watches are known for their accuracy, precision, and stylish. So if you're looking for a good tourbillon watch movement, there are plenty of options.


You can find them in many different price ranges as well as styles. They come in both automatic and manual movements, which are perfect for someone who wants to know how much time they have left on their reserve or wants to be able to wind the mainspring manually themselves. Top tourbillon watch movements last an average of eight hours without needing to be incorporated or regulated again.


How to Make a Modern-Day Tourbillon?

To make a modern-day tourbillon, the first thing you need is a good tourbillon watch movement. There are many different types of tourbillon watch movements, but the best one for your needs will depend on your specific requirements. Once you've chosen a good tourbillon watch movement, the next step is selecting a top-quality watch case. The case should be made from high-quality materials and should be able to protect the tourbillon movement from damage.


It's also essential that the patient has enough room inside it to accommodate all of the gears that make up the tourbillon watch movement. With these two critical components in place, your modern-day tourbillon will soon be complete! Now you can have your unique timepiece that distinguishes itself from other watches. Your tourbillon timepiece is not only beautiful but also very functional as well. You'll never have to worry about adjusting the time or rewinding the clock because it will always stay accurate and run smoothly.


Future Trends in Watchmaking

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I'm looking forward to seeing what innovations will come with the most relaxed tourbillon watch movement!

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